Sunday, September 07, 2008

how can people be so thoughtless?

how can people be so cruel?

a couple days ago we were taking a load of scrap metal (still leftovers from the previous owner) to the dump to recycle. while we on our way, we saw something strange. a little dog in the middle of the highway trying desperately to get into someone.. anyone's car. now we usually don't stop for every stray dog. you don't know how many we see out here. loyally waiting by the side of the road where they were obviously dumped by their heartless owner. we've tried before to stop. to help. but as soon as you call the dog, they get scared, run off. and then you are more worried they might run off in traffic and get run over. but this time we were both so shocked at what we saw. this dog. if you could call her a dog... she looked like a walking skeleton. she was at an intersection of two highways and was frantically trying to get people to pull over. we saw cars slow down as to not hit her. and we watched as she clawed at the doors in sheer panic mode. but people just pointed and drove on. we didn't. we turned the car around. opened the door and she climbed into jason's arms. we were afraid she wouldn't even make the car ride home. i had never seen a dog so thin in my life. it was utterly disturbing. in addition, she had scars on her, fleas, mud, her feet were raw from running. probably had mange. worms. and who knows what else.

after two days of food & water

we brought her home. she is quarantined in our shed. i've treated her fleas. and have given her ointment for mites. or course she is getting plenty of food and water. and lots of rest. our plan is to nurse her back to health and find a good home for her. she is a sweet heart. and looks to be a pure-bred rat terrier. we are calling her dinky.

dinky dog

yes, it's a lot of work. but our mr daniels has been missing now for six months. i would hope if someone saw him and he looked hurt or sick or hungry, they would take him in and show kindness. animals don't need to suffer.


Anonymous said...

this is just heartbreaking.

Anonymous said...

larissa, i was thinking she looked like a rat terrier from the first picture.
I have two of them, as you know and they are the best dogs!
Can I sneak her home in my suitcase?? I would take her if earle would let me!
That is so amazing what you guys did. Hearing that story made me cry.
she is so cute. I hope she is still there by next week so i can see her.

Ann Adamson said...

Heartbreaking is right!

Unbelievable. I'm so glad your paths crossed...