Sunday, July 11, 2010

time does fly...

the last few weeks on the farm have brought extreme heat and drought. our pig pond dried up. buckets of water have been carried. hoses set up. and lots of watermelons, cucumbers and corn-on-the-cob have been dispensed to quench our 2 adult and 8 piglets intense thirst.

luckily rain arrived on thursday and friday. replenishing the pond. and hopefully reviving our fields which have turned a november-golden-brown. not good for our exclusively pasture raised livestock. there is more rain in forecast all week. this should give the grass a second life and by next week the fields should be green once more. at least, that is my plan. but nature is hard to harness.

droseph, however, has not been affected by drought. he is growing like a weed. and finds the free-choice food available via the "chow hound" to be quite delightful.

baby ducks are hatching daily. however, one muscovy mom has a hard time raising her kids and tends to lose them out in the field. provenance farm DFS (duck family services) has had to intervene on occasion and place babies in a temporary brooding area until they are older. it doesn't seem to stop her from laying more eggs as seen below.

last but not least... a tito update. our little orphaned pygora goat is doing great. his horns are crazy long. and he does now, in fact, have a beard. seems like only yesterday he was curled up on my lap with a ninny bottle. time does fly when you live on a farm.

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