Thursday, July 01, 2010

alejandro finds a home....

if you all recall, my stepdaughter almost hit a poor starving pup a few months back while she was driving along a nearby highway. she rescued him, took him home and named him alejandro (yes, after the song). however, since stepdaughter is still a college student and currently in between jobs and apartments, she knew she could not keep him. but could not bare the thought of taking him to a shelter. so, where do ALL forlorn wayward pups head when in doubt? .... that's right, to our farm.

so for the past two months we have been fostering him. trying to find him a forever home. i've posted weekly updates on facebook. having him pose for photo after photo. many people commented on his cuteness. many have wished if only they lived closer or had more room. believe me, i understand. dogs are a gigantic responsiblity. especially large dogs. i have even said that i would keep him in a heartbeat if we weren't already all full-up on dogs. in fact i have often sung to him "i'm not your mom, i'm not your mom, alejandro. you're not my dog, you're not my dog, alejandro."

but time has gone by and his puppy teeth are making way for big-boy teeth. he has made friends with the animals here on our farm. especially our black mouth cur dog, little bit. they are inseparable. and we have fallen in love with his awkward puppy paws that are much too big for his body. and that face. that hound-dog face.

the thought of him being torn from this place and rehomed just didn't seem right. dogs lose trust after being rehomed. and this would have been at least the 3rd home he'd lived in his short little life. as nice a new home and family would be, i felt like the change at this point in his developmental stage would be detrimental.

can you feel where this is going??

so... a farm family meeting was called. all dogs voted. even sampson the pig voted. and all were in favor of keeping alejando (or droseph as we call him) on as a full fledged member of provenance farm.

dro and his mentor, little bit

little ann giving her smile of approval

lulu voted with her tongue

the celebratory welcoming hug

even del ray is happy!

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K said...

Congratulations on your newest edition to the farm. He's one lucky dog!