Tuesday, July 27, 2010

global warming... or a very bitchy mother nature?

summer is here. and it's a real booger. this heat is relentless. i don't know why i bother checking the forecast. it is always in the 90s with a high heat index and heat warnings week after week forever and ever. sometimes mother nature might get a wild hair to drop down to the 80s. but it's a high 80s. and she counters that with extreme humidity.

luckily, we finally have had some rain. however, the rain arrived in spontaneous thunderstorms followed by immediately sunny skies. never enough steady rain to fill our ponds (which dried up again since last post). fortunately, our pigs have made a wallow deep enough in their pond to collect water when it rains. the duck/geese/goat/sheep pond is now mud only. so an old bath-tub is a make-shift swimming pool for water fowl. and water troughs and dishes are set out for hoofed creatures. animals don't seem to mind. it just adds a lot more work on us humans.

it has been enough rain to perk up the fields and the garden. cucumbers and tomatoes galore! the bigger the better! lots of pickles and salsa from here on out.

back to the heat... how hot has it been? it's been so hot, our computer fan burnt up. until we have time to repair, i am using a back-up laptop which does not have a slot for my camera card. so you will have to settle for words only.

if there were photos... they would be of our male goats and male sheep. the boys are back in town (front lawn). yes, it is time for the sexes to be separated. our flock is big enough now to make this possible. and the lawn is full of beautiful green grass and wild flowers. the boys are thrilled. the GLOPs are happy to be reunited with their hoofed friends. and i love looking out the kitchen door in the morning while i make coffee to see tito and marton peeking in asking, "what's for breakfast?"

somewhere in storage there is a box containing an adaptor for my camera that i believe can be plugged into my computer for instant download. if so, photos will be forthcoming. to be continued....

in the meantime. pray for steady rain, cloudy skies, and cooler temps. and while you are at it, pray for peace, and love, and unicorns, a clean gulf coast, and magical garden gnomes that will do all your weeding whilst you sleep. a girl can dream.

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