Tuesday, September 23, 2008

like a ghost thru the fog...

"and to those that i love, like a ghost thru a fog, like a charmed hour, and a haunted song..." - s. nicks

susan and kristi came to visit. it was so good seeing friends. catching up. sipping wine. being happy. jason made wonderful meals, fresh bread and wild berry cobbler. we bought antique hats, made an entrance at an art show, invaded a local winery, ate rita's chili, toasted a 67 yr old survivor, sent dinky dog off to her new home, and watched the sun set while the fog rolled in.

now they are gone. the bottles are empty. the sink is full of dishes. the dogs are sleeping. and the fog lingers as it has and always will. old timers say that for every day of fog in late summer, a day of snow that winter. it's been foggy for 30 days. i'm afraid.

me, kristi, emily (a 67 yr old survivor we picked up at the 12 west martini bar), and susan

kristi & me

amber adopts dinkerbell

mmm... bread!


Amber said...

it's awesome that you guys got to celebrate your sisterhood together; i think you crazy free-spirited breast cancer survivors can only truly understand each other. and it was great to meet kristi! dinky has quickly adopted me as her bedtime sleeping partner. sorry, kristi! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Larissa:

I love your farm the pictures
were great. I liked the sunset
The bread looked good too.

OMG Dinky looks like Nina
in the picture w/ Amber.


Patti A