Wednesday, September 17, 2008

odds & ends.

floods came back. for a day at least. we were lucky. not much damage. our ponds filled once more. makes for happy cows & pigs.

painted my kitchen yellow. "dandy yellow" to be exact. i don't know what i was thinking. it's so bright. maybe we'll be able to save on electricity.

dinky dog is doing well. she's (dare i say it) probably the best dog in the house. doesn't bark. she's housetrained, sweet and very grateful. looks like she might be going to her forever home this weekend. she deserves it. i will miss her.

and tomorrow i pick up my good friend, kristi. she's flying in from new jersey. then, on friday we will be joined by our equally good friend, susan. we're all sistahs and have known each other since we were bald. wine and trouble will no doubt be forthcoming.

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