Wednesday, September 24, 2008

my man.

today is jason's birthday. and what timing... two packages came in the mail today. one, a box full of cheese making supplies. he is learning the art of cheese making (more on that in another post). and two, a book from my step-mother called "journey to ixtlan" by carlos castaneda.

me, being poor, unemployed, and a very skilled procrastinator, have not one present for him. instead, i thought i would dedicate this post to him. he deserves much more than a post. he deserves an island, a castle, a life free of pain and suffering and filled with.....

chickens & turkeys

jason has become the poultry guardian here on the farm. he loves his birds. every day he talks to them. sits with them. watches them grow. collects eggs. and makes sure they are happy and safe. the poultry on the rook farm are very lucky to have jason as their protector. and poultry aren't easy. they are fragile. and mother nature is cruel. but jason works very hard to maintain a balance between safety and quality of life. and our birds enjoy the fresh air, bugs, trees, tall grass, sunshine during the day, and a custom made pine cottage at night.


jason loves music. he feels music more than anyone i know. he listens not just to the words or the chords, but to the changes, the nuances, the silence. and he feels it. i've never met anyone who is more moved by a song than jason. and he loves to create music as much as he loves to listen. the spark in his eye when he is recording a song... sometimes it is overwhelming, intimidating. his mind opens up and is multiplying and dividing and reversing. but my mathematical translation doesn't do justice. he is literature. his brain is filled with words, and color, and places and history.


jason introduced me to europe. a blessing and a curse. i never knew what i was missing. he loves to travel. to witness different culture. to learn. to taste. to climb. to breathe. before i met him he lived in prague for a year... not knowing anyone there... never having been there before. he just needed to surround himself in something completely foreign. but just as much as jason loves to travel himself, he loves to share travel. to take people with him. to discover things with others. he couldn't wait to take me with him. we spent new year's day in ibiza eating grapes the first year we were together. since then, we've been all over. we were married in italy and 30 people from the states joined us. the best gift of all, was was him getting to share the experience with friends and family.

i know his life has much more travel and adventure ahead. to new places. to familiar places. sharing his quest with those close to him. the future is full of possibilities and chickens and turkeys and donkeys and goats and me by his side. i love him more than i ever knew was possible.

i really can't sum him up in a post. i really can't sum him up at all. he surprises me daily. and i'm sure i have embarrassed him enough. so i will just say, happy birthday.

yer old lady


Judy said...

that was so beautiful, Larissa. thanks for sharing.

happy birthday, jason.

kristi said...

that was so sweet!
happy bday jason!

Jeannette said...

Happy Birthday, Jason! What a sweet and wonderful tribute Larissa. You are the cutest couple I have ever met. You totally make farm life cool! Hope you both had a wonderful day and celebrated big!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jason!
and Larissa-you know how to pick 'em!