Monday, July 21, 2008

too hot to write.

it's like a zillion degrees today. and here in my 1930s farmhouse, there is no air conditioning. instead, i have an attic fan, several ceiling fans, lots of open windows, and the occasional kind breeze. it's not bad if you don't have to move or think or breathe. all the noise from all the fans makes this weird almost inaudible sound. it's like a hum that rests inside your brain instead of inside your ear. messing with your ability to process thoughts. and making it always seem like a phone is ringing in the distance.

i have been sitting at the computer for the past hour trying to create this post but nothing comes. my brain is constantly getting up and answering an invisible phone while my fingers sluggishly try to type their way back to the page. i suppose it doesn't really matter. nothing new to report. stella is still pregnant. del ray has not beaten his two day record yet. and he still makes the same face.

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