Wednesday, July 23, 2008

no excuses.

the sky opened up. rains came and washed away the hot. i was actually cold last night. so i should write, right?

first off, donkey is still pregnant.

secondly, i am at war with bugs. everyday a new insect invades my garden. the latest, colorado potato beetles. they must be terribly disappointed. i am nowhere near colorado. and i don't grow potatoes. still they like to graze on tomato plants. i just can't believe the damage that has been done to my plants. luckily, the bugs only like unripe fruit. so the tomatoes that made it past the cute little baby green stage, have survived. and i do believe i will partake of my first red sun-riped tomato this evening for dinner.

the puppies have graduated from being confined to the barn at night to full-time free range 24-hour guardian dogs. they have been doing a great job. barking, growling and sounding scary. keeping our field free of coyotes during the wee hours. needless to say, they don't sleep much at night. poor things are just downright pooped during the day. but we are very proud of them. our goats now get to graze at their leisure. not just when we open the barnyard gate. freedom seems to make for happier healthier animals.

cabbage loopers like brocolli

future dinner

oooh, the damage done

what guardian dogs do during the day

happy freedom

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