Thursday, July 17, 2008

still waiting...

ever heard the expression "stubborn as a mule"? well, donkeys have that beat. stella is STILL pregnant. holding her foal captive. demanding more grain, a new harness, and possibly her own tractor. so what have i done in the meantime??? something i never dreamed of in a million years... joined an on-line support group for donkey owners. i can barely even type the words. it sounds absurd. but it is helping to pass the time and calm my worries.

our drummer, on the other hand, has held up his end of the baby delivering deal. his wife gave birth yesterday (with his assistance) to a little baby girl named ophelia. looks just like him, minus the beard. congrats to the proud parents.

and here in the hellishly hot rook homestead, our newest little angel, del ray, is on day two of no accidents. yes, we HAVE had him for more than a month and this is only accident-free day TWO. but apparently, mini-pins are one of the hardest breeds to housetrain. no wonder we are his third home in four months! poor little guy. oh well, it passes the time between checking my donkey's ever changing milk bag.

"why do i always make this face?"

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