Monday, July 14, 2008

evil worms.

a few weeks back, my broccoli plants were seriously ravaged over night by cabbage looper worms. i researched organic control and found a recipe for a molasses spray. i mixed it up, sprayed it on, did a dance and.... voila! broccoli saved. hallelujah !

then, i started noticing my tomato plants were looking a little under the weather. yellow leaves. a few dead little 'maters. figured they needed more water. even gave them some coffee grinds. still, more dead leaves. more dead 'maters. thought it might be bunnies. placed human hair clippings around the plants (supposed to ward off rabbits). no luck. then, i spotted him... the biggest worm i'd ever seen. 3 inches long and eating one of my plants. i half expected him to be smoking a hookah.

the culprit was a hornworm. nasty, nasty, nasty. i did more research. couldn't find any organic voodoo recipes. basically, you just need to catch and destroy the worms. and usually if there is one worm, there will be others. so far, i've found two more. luckily, they were not nearly the mammoth size of the first one. he still gives me nightmares. oh, you evil worm!

7/16/08 just adding that i have since caught 10 more worms!

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