Monday, July 02, 2007

silver lining, anyone?

unless unicorns & gold dust is code for car crashes and sick dogs, the week did not end as i aspired. as i was convalescing at home, icing my bruised and swollen face, my husband was watching his life flash before his eyes and our car spin across four lanes of interstate. he was on his way to a meeting at the bank when the car hit a wet patch in the slow lane. the car hydroplaned, did three 360s and crashed into the median in the fast lane. miraculously, no one hit him. but our car is totalled. and he has whiplash.

so i figure, let's give this week one last shot to redeem itself with a barbecue and fireworks at the in-laws. actually, we did have a pretty good time. the fireworks were spectacular. the dogs got to run around and bark at stuff. the barbecue was so good there were no leftovers. and i laughed. even though it hurt (what with the stitches and bruising and such), i laughed.

so, we are driving back with the dogs in tow. porkchop is on my lap, tired and exhausted from running rabbits. when about ten minutes from home, he hurls big time. and vomit cascades, as if in slow motion, all down my legs, my sandaled feet, and my favorite leather purse. i am mortified. the rancid smell. the slop squishing between my bare toes. fearing what i am going to see when we reach home and the dome light comes on. and so that's it. the grand finale to cap off the first half of 2007. things have to look up, right?

lil' scar face.

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Anonymous said...

a bird pooping on your head is good luck -- and a dog vomiting on your lap is a blessing. really. good things are coming to you.