Sunday, July 08, 2007

for some reason i'm not able to create a title for this entry. some kind of computer snag. and i had a very clever title picked out too. oh well.

this weekend we inducted amber into the rook family of rock. whilst our drummer sam was busy chasing lions in africa, we recruited amber as a guest member of wormwood scrubs to play the "south side rocks off" festival in south st louis. jason played sitar, amber played guitar, mandolin & tambourine, and i played my keyboard while sitting in the lotus position on the floor. actually we all played sitting down, and barefoot. it was a psychedelic hippy extravaganza complete with an impromptu indian raga with a hindu mantra sang over the top. i think we confused a lot of people. which was exactly what we had planned.

after our show we headed down to off-broadway to catch our friends the black diamond heavies. who are quite possibly the best band in the world. john wesley told one of his crazy stories that starts with "i tell you what, man............." and ends with him jumping out of a truck or setting something on fire.

pre-show jason.

pre-show ambo.

pre-show me in need of a haircut.

jason and john wesley "i'll tell you what..."

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Anonymous said...

probably too late now, but try adding your post's title in the 'edit/html' mode instead of 'compose' mode.

that's worked for me lately.