Friday, July 20, 2007

cancer blog featuring lil'scar face.

lil'scar face (a real bad-ass at age 1)

i'm featured in the cancer blog this week thanks to my friend and columnist, kristi collins.

and by the way, i am doing better. got my stitches removed and got to ditch the bandages. i'm starting to like my scar. i get to test it out tonight at a bar. my friends, the doxies, are in town. i hope to be super intimidating.


Kate said...

You looked like a badass even before the scar. Particularly when you wear your gold teeth.

Honestly, I didn't even notice it until you showed me up close. I think it will heal beautifully. And then you can be like Eve on As the World Turns back in the day. Her scar was totally cool. But I personally love scars. Maybe you've seen my stomach?

I'm Too Young For This! said...

You're a rockstar and we want you to know your blog has been posted on our website -

Rock on.


heather said...

hey larissa - I was so sorry to read that you had another bout with cancer, but happy that you have persevered and continue to be (as always) a brave and strong are absolutely a badass survivor rockstar; in fact, you need a leather wallet with all of this etched on it like jewels had in "pulp fiction"...
take care of to you and yours.
heather (gracey)