Wednesday, May 02, 2007

the second anniversary.

let me start off by saying, "the second anniversary is traditionally cotton. " so naturally, we headed south to mississippi where cotton was born as well as the blues. we stayed in an old share-cropper's cabin outside of clarksdale. we visited the crossroads where robert johnson sold his soul to the devil to play guitar and where abe gave his soul to god to make the world's best barbeque. we visited with "rat", the innkeeper of the legendary riverside hotel which has housed the likes of sonny boy williamson II, ike turner, and john kennedy jr. among so many others (he showed us the guest books). levon helm, i know where you been!

our evenings were spent hanging out on sunflower ave at red's lounge listening to music, warding off brain-eating zombies & east-coast aging hippies, while sipping "mississippi squeezings" (moonshine) with our new best friend, red. we heard some great local blues players and even had the honor of playing a few songs with them.

abe's has the best hot tamales.

our anniversary shack.

riverside "rat"

clarksdale's own, mr tater.

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Kristi Collins said...

Happy Anniversary, My four year anniversary is tomorrow!
love you guys