Sunday, April 22, 2007

donkey, scrappy and the zoo.

this weekend, jason and i drove out to the country to get some fresh air. along the way we stopped for a garage sale at a goat farm. i purchased some lovely curtains. we got a vintage chair for the studio. mr donkey got a stuffed animal. and choppy got a very classy pilot's sport coat. amber came to visit saturday night. we ate mexican food and watched dazed and confused. then on sunday we were joined by my mom and amber's friend michelle. we celebrated earth day at the zoo. and amber drove herself home in her "new" car.

donkey & the bear.

choppy's on the prowl.


global warming earth day bear.

amber & michelle.


Anonymous said...

that cute, sunnin' bear does not convince me it's real. it's APRIL--you are supposed to start sunning in April.


Amber said...

the bear picture is great!