Sunday, May 06, 2007

rainy days and stray beagles always get me down.

thursday was a very rainy day. this whole week has been. and jason was out driving in it, running errands. by noon he had already passed two separate beagles that had been dumped by the side of the road. each one, waiting in the rain, confident that their owner would come back to claim them. on his way home, jason stopped at a gas station along the highway to grab a bite to eat. a soaked third beagle was desperately trying to get into peoples cars. the gas station attendant said the dog had been hanging around all day bothering people. jason bought a sandwich, and gave the dog the crust. as he opened his car door to drive home, she jumped in.

meet red.

she's been shacking up with us since. getting food and shelter. i even gave her a bath. she was filthy. her whole chest was black. looked like she had been sleeping in motor oil. we're not exactly sure how long she's planning on staying. we're gonna take her to the vet this week to see if she's microchipped. but in the meantime she's happy and dry.


Kristi Collins said...

oh larissa, she is so cute. jason is such a sweety for picking her up and taking him home.
It breaks my heart to think of all those dogs alone out there!
Of course the next time I see red on the blog she'll be dressed up in some sort of

Anonymous said...

Just wondering...If you found Rose wet and waiting maybe say on your porch or something, would you take her in?????

Anonymous said...

Hi Larissa:

Red is so CUTE I wish I could have
a dog.
Maybe when I move to wildwood
I could have one.

Love ya

Patti Anastasi