Tuesday, March 23, 2010

results in.... survey says... more tests.

first off, let me share the good news. echo and bloodwork are fabulous. always knew i had a good heart. :-)

CT doesn't show any new activity. but the spots are still there. so i'm being referred to a pulmonary specialist. i'm sure lots of fun tests and adventures lie around that corner.

meanwhile, i'm still having trouble breathing. and having chest pain. and still on limited activity orders from my surgery last month. which is making me stir crazy and frustrated and i'm sure driving my husband nuts. BUT, i've only more week until surgical follow-up and then i should be able to go back to my cherished yoga and farming. i'm really hoping that the introduction of aerobic exercise will help my breathing. right now, i can hardly get through singing a song without getting winded. which is el sucko!

but spring is here at last. little marton has moved outside. tonight will be his first night to sleep in the barn (instead of in our house). hope he does ok. he seems quite healthy and strong but he's not out of the woods yet. so wish him luck!

and now for that embarrassing tito video i promised....

sorry about the shaky camera and the lens cap. i was being attacked by a hungry and shameless seven month old pygora goat!

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