Saturday, March 20, 2010

baby goats are great distractions...

rewind back to january when i went to oncologist for follow-up, had chest CT, then PET scan and found out i had a ruptured left implant and new spots on my right lung. then, being told that i had to wait until end of april for another PET scan to see if spots had grown. jump to february when i had implant replacement surgery where all went well. new implant in place and looks fabulous. then finally, skip to march where i started getting really sick, low-grade fever, shortness of breath, chest pain, racing heart. some i'm sure are stress. some are from a cold i picked up along the way. but some of these symptoms, honestly, just plain scare me. so i saw my oncologist last week. she ordered another chest CT, an EKG, and some blood work. blood work came back perfect. but the CT & EKG results weren't in before this weekend started. remember, i HATE waiting. especially for potentially devastating or hopefully B9 results.

so what is a poor girl in stitches, recovering from surgery, who is freaking out and hyperventilating frequently supposed to do to pass the time? how bout be entertained by some ridiculously cute baby goats.

the weather this week has been warm enough for little marton to start spending his days outside with the flock. tito, the other loner and former bottle-baby, has been showing marton around. introducing him to all his friends, especially the chickens and ducks. the transition was going rather smoothly until..... tito got wind of marton's milk bottle. uh oh! who would think that a 7 month old goat who has been weaned for at least 4 months would still want a ninny bottle? and who would think said goat would actually try and steal a poor 3 week old little newborn goat's milk from said little newborn. well, actually... i did. i pretty much knew this would happen. and it was so freaking cute i had to take a picture. there is also a video i will post as soon as i have downloaded it off my camera and reformatted for the web. so look out for that in near future.

yes, baby goats are a wonderful distraction.

tito greeting marton

marton meeting armel jr.

marton and the gang

tito stealing marton's ninny bottle (now that's just sad)

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The Beautiful Kind said...

WOW that's Tito?! He's such a handsome young man!