Saturday, February 20, 2010

recovery is a bitch.

i used to be better at convalescing. back when i had a desk job. surgery was almost like vacation. i got to sleep late. watch tv. be pampered. etc...

times have changed. i no longer have the dreaded 9-5. i am my own boss. and i actually enjoy getting up and working. because i am a farmer now. i wake up each day to fresh air and aerobic exercise. oh, i know, it's not all wine and roses. i bitch about farming too. especially in the dead of winter when it's freezing and i've got a flock of goats screaming for their breakfast. but i realized that as hard as the work is sometimes, i miss it. i like my life. i really do.

had my implant swap surgery on tuesday. went off without a hitch. was sent home same day with meds and instructions. the instructions are actually quite simple... "do nothing". all i am supposed to do is take 10 deep breaths every hour. and every two hours take a gentle walk inside the house. other than that... i'm not supposed to do anything! it even says in all caps in my post-op instructions "DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO HOUSEWORK NO MATTER HOW GOOD YOU FEEL". so what exactly is a yoga-addict, field-walking, dog-playing, animal photographer, farm-girl supposed to do with nothing?

i feel like i'm wasting time. but i have to keep reminding myself that i will end up wasting much more time if i don't follow docs orders and wind up developing complications. so, i've been watching lots of movies and documentaries on the ol'roku. and reading a nice depressing swedish vampire book. learning prince songs on piano. and translating warren zevon's songs into french. and surfing the internet like a mad woman.

meanwhile, my husband is taking care of my flock. we recently lost our dear female pygmy goat, violet, to polio. she was a beauty. we are afraid her sister daisy might be going down the same road. jason is making sure that she is getting the bestest of best care. and last night daisy got to come into the house for a bite of dinner (a special blend of minerals, grains, & nutrients just for her) at "happy joe's". this little excursion was i think, perhaps the best medicine for the both of us.

daisy at happy joe's


Cat Pick said...

Isn't it funny how forced confinement makes you want to work and run and jump? Whereas on a perfectly normal day I'm happy to be lazy. :) Hopefully everything will be absolutely fine and you will be up and working shortly.

I'm so sorry about the loss of your lovely Violet. I'm thinking good thoughts for Daisy.

Anonymous said...

Do you have one of those funny plastic breathing-tube things with a little plastic dial? A spirometer, I think they're called? I had to use those after both my surgeries. They're supposed to keep you from getting pneumonia, a drawback to all that enforced resting.

I hope you feel better soon -- and I agree that it makes more sense to follow the doctor's instructions, as difficult as that seems.

I'm sorry about Violet. I hope Daisy doesn't succumb to the same disease. How awful. She really is a pretty little creature. -- Rene Saller