Tuesday, September 29, 2009

kids love kids (and llamas too).

we had a tiny visitor yesterday. delaney (jason's cousin ron's daughter) flew in all the way from sunny california to visit family (and more importantly, goats). she loves them. especially tito. but was very concerned about tito's negligent mommy (842).

welcoming committe member baby snakes greets ron and delaney

and offers kisses

while tito and his big sis little bit crash from all the excitement


The Beautiful Kind said...


I'm glad Delaney is concerned about inattentive goat mamas. I still can't believe 842 made such a cute baby - I mean, she's not exactly the belle of the ball. Maybe she is jealous his Aryan good looks.

larissa said...

it is odd how much NOT like 842 tito looks. i'm beginning to believe in goat storks.