Monday, August 17, 2009

garden of eatin'

this year's garden was off to a rocky start. what with torrential rains in april and may. then unbelievable heat in june. and now august's drought. but things are starting to happen. had our first corn on the cob. which accompanied some pulled barbeque home-grown pork.

and our very first prescott fond melon!!!! much like a cantelope, but tastier and warty!

not present for photo shoot: home-made garlic dill refrigerator pickles, tomatoes, banana & jalapeno peppers, and swiss chard!


The Beautiful Kind said...

Did you pull Samson or Penelope?

larissa said...

neither. neppy & sam-jam are keepers. they are our breeding pair. the pork that we have now is from two pigs from last year.