Monday, August 24, 2009

baby bunnies.

so apparently josephine and armel have been busy doing what bunnies do best. having babies! there are at least three babies that i have seen. josephine has installed quite a complex underworld full of dens, tunnels and who knows what else in which the children spend most of the day. one little baby (the spitting image of armel), seems to be the most brave and adventurous and therefore camera friendly.

i am a bit concerned about their safety. being small and curious. i have witnessed armel jr venturing out through the tiniest hole in the fence. granted the entire rabbit pen is lined with chicken wire that goes about a foot or so under grass all around the inside perimeter (to prevent rabbits from tunneling out). there was one small hole the little tike found. it has since been patched. but i know rabbits are clever and persistant. there is a possiblity they might plan another escape. however, in my heart, i believe that they deserve to live a life free from cages (as do all other animals on our farm). it is a risk. but one i feel must be taken for them to live life to the fullest.

armel jr

mother josephine

father armel

shade, protector of all bunnies

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The Beautiful Kind said...

Soo cute!!! Glad you are giving them good quality of life!