Tuesday, June 02, 2009

queen guinevere

sometimes i hate being a farmer. especially when it comes to the loss of animals. today we lost our dear french angora doe, guinevere.

i had to make a quick trip to town this morning. before i left, i fed and watered the bunnies. and they seemed happy as clams. less than two hours later, she was gone. i found her asleep on her side. i have no idea what happened. maybe the heat? maybe an injury i wasn't aware of? i tried to revive her. brought her inside. put a cool compress on her. even gave her mouth to mouth. i'm just devastated.

it's really crappy timing too. we finally got the outdoor rabbit romper room finished. the past two days the rabbits have taken turns running and jumping and eating grass in their lovely new fenced and rabbit-proof area. they all seemed so happy and free.

i will miss gweny. she was sweet and friendly and had the most beautiful white hair. what a shame. what a horrible shame.

i want to post something about how i feel guilty. about how i don't have the right to raise animals that aren't pets. but i just don't feel like getting into it. there are feelings of doubt that i have from time to time when things go wrong. but we always try to learn from losses. and we try to make improvements. to not make the same mistakes. to strive for doing better. and to never forget nor take for granted.

gweny & the chop


The Beautiful Kind said...


Not sure if swear words are appropriate on your blog, but my guess is she got F-ed to death. Sometimes I worry that will happen to me.

larissa said...

actually, kendra, you might be right. after doing some research, jason found some interesting info by a UK vet that said a first pregnancy by a doe over one years old can result in sudden death. i had no idea. i knew that it is more difficult for an older doe to get pregnant, but i had never read that it was dangerous. i'm praying that josephine will be ok. we are definitely not going to let the bunnies mate again.

there are still other possible reasons: a viral infection, heat stroke (although she did not show signs of that), and even a change in diet. i had been supplementing rabbits with fresh greens (grass, dandelions, clover) but perhaps the free-range dose was too much.

i'm still devastated.

The Beautiful Kind said...

The more I think on it, the more I think your buck is the Fatty Arbuckle of rabbits. Scandal on the farm!