Thursday, June 04, 2009

cherry yarn.

just finished a new skein of yarn today. still experimenting with colors. i used black cherry kool-aid and some red & blue baking sprinkles for this one. mohair compliments of bianka the goat. i can't believe how well her fiber accepts color. so vibrant. and not to mention, oh so soft.

and now for some gratuitous doggie pix...

mole patrol

razor guarding the laundry

lazy annie


frejessica said...

That yarn is beautiful!! I just saw your blog and remember when I was in high school, this guy I had a huge crush on, that was into great music, took me to one of your shows and it was the best time! I still pop on the C.D.
So glad to see you are doing well, looks like an amsxing farm you guys have
best wishes

The Beautiful Kind said...

That yarn is cherry stunning.

Kate said...

I'm so sorry about Gwenny. Don't feel guilty. You are giving your animals a better life and more love than I could imagine anyone could give. Your cherry red is totally beautiful!!

I wanted to tell you I've been knitting up the mohair you gave me and I absolutely love it. I think it's great for knitting, as long as you don't mind some really neat variation in thickness and texture. Can't wait to show you when I'm done.