Sunday, May 17, 2009

i refuse to believe.

i've had this silly superstition regarding posting photos of newly acquired farm animals. it goes like this... if i post a pic shortly after their arrival, something bad will happen. this odd belief was loosely based on a few isolated incidents. mainly, the llamas, leroy, and baby chickens. so, i've given myself the week long rule. wait a week to avoid tragedy. however, my fear grew. and the week extended to months. sometimes more. in fact, i have never shared photos of our sheep. but i have come to realize that bad things just happen sometimes regardless of a digitally captured image. and i really shouldn't look at them as bad or evil events. just nature. just life. sometimes mistakes. and sometimes not always pleasant.

due to my archaic belief system, i have held off introducing our new guinea hog. i have been afraid that if something happened, what would my audience think? i want to protect you. and protect my own ego. but after recently reading my husbands blog, i have a new lease on blog life. i shouldn't censor myself. i want to try and post more often. more photos. less editing. and less worrying about what my non-existent audience is going to think. just tell it like it is. so, here goes.

may i introduce to you ...

penelope, the guinea hog.

since our dear male guinea hog, samson, lost his wife to pneumonia shortly after her arrival. he has been alone. depressed. and very, very needy. we were happy to finally adopt a new little girl hog. penelope. she came all the way from kentucky. where some of the finest whiskey is made. her and sammy have been inseparable ever since.

yes, i did wait over a week to post this. it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks. but i'm willing to try.

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