Monday, March 30, 2009

meet samson & delilah.

my apoligies for taking so long with introducing our new piglets, samson & delilah. but life got in the way. family illness. sick goats. baby turkeys. oh, and the nicest surprise of all, snow. yes, i awoke to a few inches of white yesterday. glad i didn't plant my 'taters yet.

so, please allow me to introduce.... all the way from columbia, missouri... sampson & deliha. our guinea hogs. i put the emphasis on hogs, because they are in no way related to guinea pigs (which are cute in their own right, but quite a different species). guinea hogs are a heritage breed hog. there are very few of them in missouri. or even in america. and we are lucky to have this cute little pair as a new member of our farm family.

where as i failed miserably with speedy introductions, the piglets succeeded by taking matters into their own hooves. they snuck out of their pen and made the rounds. introducing themselves to all the other animals.

"s'up, jeliza-rose"

"hey, we're the new pigs""albert, nice to meet you"

"so, you're marla?"

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kristi said...

larissa, those guys are so cute. i love the picture with the caption ''we are the new pigs''..looks like the one is really saying that. too funny!