Monday, November 24, 2008

harvest time...

this weekend, we harvested six cornish rocks. they were a gift from my father in law. we've had them for about a month or so. they were well old enough to harvest when we got them, but we decided to let them have some time on the open prairie enjoying a healthy dose of grass, bugs & country sunshine.

harvesting birds is not easy. it's physically and emotionally draining. it leaves me with a sick feeling. and i really feel for the people who have this as a full-time job.

but it is necessary if you eat meat. someone has to do it. so we have chosen to do it ourselves. this way we know it is done as humanely as possible. we owe it to the birds. they have given their lives in exchange for food. their death brings us life. one day of discomfort for us is a small price to pay, really.


Think Pink Dana said...

So I am curious (and this is NOT judgemental--it is just curiousity) does this make you consider becoming vegetarian? If I ever do eat meat again, it will be this way, or paying a farmer who does his own butchering for it. I hate meat processing--BLEH!

larissa said...

yes... at times i do consider vegetarianism. i was a vegetarian for years. but now, in my life, i eat meat. i believe it is natural.

here at the rook farm, we have stopped purchasing store-bought meat. so... we do eat a lot of vegetarian dinners.

i do think that one should be more conservative with harvesting animals. i would rather harvest one cow and one pig and live off it all year than to have to sacrifice many, many chickens. which is what we are planning on doing this next year.