Monday, November 17, 2008

animal, vegetable, miracle.

i finally finished "animal, vegetable, miracle" by barbara kingsolver. what an awesome book. i recommend it highly to everyone. not just hippie farmers like myself. it's the true story of one family's attempt at eating totally local for one year and being as self-suffient (food-wise) as they can. it has given me all kinds of inspiration. and helped bring validity to my new life.

so, the book is done and i'm sad. i'm always sad when i finish a book. i don't like things to end. but that's me. i get depressed on the last few days of a vacation or a tour. "oh, no, only one more week in italy," or "i can't stand it! only two more shows on this tour!" i dread reality. but now a days, my reality is pretty good. or rather, i have altered my reality so that i can hold conversations with goats, dogs, donkeys, and chickens. they are my staff. porkchop's the boss. and guido is my apprentice.


Think Pink Dana said...

Please mail me Guido for christmas. I think you would like the book "Better Off: Flipping the switch on technology"

It was really well done and has a lot in there about self sufficient living--even if you don't want to give up technology.

Kate said...

I was sad when I finished that book too, which I did while Sam and I were on our honeymoon in Montana, in the middle of the woods, discussing how we could move there and ranch and make yarn for a living. Ah, dreams...

Even though it's fiction, you should read her book "The Poisonwood Bible." I read it in Tanzania, which was perfect. And, you should join GoodReads. I'll send you an invite.