Thursday, May 22, 2008

wild asparagus?

once again, it pays to keep a pretty lawn. i was out yesterday basking in the sun. yes, i said sun! doing some weeding under our pool-less deck and enjoying one of the 5 consecutive sunny days that have blessed the beautiful belgrade valley. when low and behold, what do i almost chop down? a wild asparagus plant? is there such a thing? anyone? as far as i can tell, it's the real deal. but i'm still too chicken to cook it up.

the animals here are having fun. frolicking on green pasture. going for swims in the pond. and making poor choices in long-term friendship. we have some serious inter-species bonding going on. which is lovely and all. but i'm afraid to tell baby snakes that the cows are only visitors. she prefers them to the goats. meanwhile, the dogs have vowed BFF to the pigs. we will have a lot of explaining to do come winter.

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