Sunday, May 25, 2008

further evidence.

i present you with further evidence of the inter-species bonding on the rook farm. the animals have open pasture of around 4 acres to spread themselves out on during the day and graze and run and play and whatnot. but all six goats, two pigs, two puppies and one donkey chose to huddle themselves into a cozy little corner of the field.

oh, by the way, you may be asking who is that goat with the head-ache? that's 842. our newest addition. she was given to us as a gift by my father-in-law. since she was acquired at the local livestock auction (hence her name which was her auction number), we're not quite sure what breed she is. she might be a myotonic (fainting goat) mix. she doesn't exactly faint. myotonic crosses don't. she's more the stumbling around mumbling like she's drunk kind of goat. but she should be able to be bred with an angora to produce a fine cashmere coated kid.

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