Friday, April 04, 2008

friday, muddy friday.

not much new to report here. it rained again. as it did yesterday, and the day before and will probably do again tomorrow. the ground is good and soaked. ponds are full. creeks are up. grass is green. shoes are dirty. puppys are filthy. and i'm tired.

trying to figure out voice over program for my video editing software. the new goats are demanding their big screen debut. but i like i said, i'm tired. and i hate computers. might have to have their first film be silent. after all, they are naturally black & white. check out "violet & daisy" on you tube.

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James said...

I can't wait to meet the Violet and Daisy duo! Did you know their intials spell out V.D. Yergh. How's Wednesday? I'm off work and would love a chance to escape the city for a bit...