Friday, April 11, 2008

ditto last post.

i could just repost last friday's entry. it's still muddy. rained like cats & dogs here past few days. actually more like cows and buffalo. giant rain.

since i've moved out here i find myself saying things that were never part of my vernacular before. for example, during a drive "into town" i might declare "creeks up!". or i might say "dang! that's a nice cattle dog!". and what's worse, is i start making up my own terms that i feel should mean something but don't. like "moon-frog".

today there is a bit of sunshine, but it's windy and cold. should be a fine day for building our new cross fence for the pups & goats. i love swinging a sledge-hammer.
eight new fence posts sitting in a row (plus one nosy cow)

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