Monday, March 24, 2008

victory egg.

donnie darko egg

yesterday was easter. the family celebrated with turkey, ham & an easter egg dyeing contest. i took both first place for best egg and for ugliest egg. i think i am most proud of the latter.

still feeling an empty house. no calls on the fliers or web-postings for mr daniels. i go about my life. fixing the barn, feeding the animals, treating marla the goat for foot rot (nasty, nasty, nasty). today i enjoyed working outside under a sunny sky. but still in the deep of my chest, below my throat and nuzzled somewhere behind my heart is this infected lump of sadness. it flares up like a fever when i'm not expecting it and delivers "everything is not alright" into my veins. and so i am reminded. but life goes on. and there are miracles and wood fairies, and stars in the sky, and dinner's in the oven and a bottle of red on the table...

and puppies that fight over dropped gloves

and beagle dogs that have a taste for cow-patties.

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