Thursday, March 27, 2008

dirty work.

living on a farm, i have found it next to impossible to keep a clean house. i've always been domestically challenged. housework is not my cup of tea. but i vowed i would try to keep this little ol' farm house visitor-friendly. i am beginning to wonder if i'm just fooling myself. for starters, it's been raining cats & dogs for the past few weeks. floods came & closed off streets and left giant pools of water & mud all over our yard and field. thank god my husband gave me some knee-high rubber boots recently. they have been invaluable. and even though we take boots off at front door, somehow the kitchen floor gets a fresh sprinkling of dirt-fairy-dust daily.

and then there are the pigs..... who are just plain nasty.

and two giant puppies whose favorite game is "let's jump on mom after we've romped in the pond". to them, it never gets old.

and finally, it's hard to keep up with laundry when a certain beagle likes to put on someone's shorts.

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