Thursday, November 08, 2007

jive turkey cookie.

i got good news. pathology came back. all negative. there was some fibrous & scar tissue that i'm sure would have warranted future biopsies. so i'm glad it's gone for good. went for follow-up today. still have drainage tubes for at least another week. and i'm in more pain than i expected. but otherwise i am healing very well.

and to celebrate.... leroy cookies (courtesy of amber rook). sugar cookies fashioned in the shape of turkeys. we might even feed ol'leroy a few tomorrow. would that be cruel?

11/09/07 note: there was a photo attached yesterday. it has since disappeared. perhaps because we fed cookies to leroy today. i have no idea. but i hate the internet. also been trying to upload a video of leroy eating the cookie. but it is tied up indefinitely in net-land. technology has gone to the birds.

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