Monday, November 05, 2007

cha, cha, cha, changes....

what a week it has been. i celebrated halloween in the hospital getting my good breast (well actually at that point it was down-graded to "fair" or "as-is") hacked off. the doctors put me back together a la frankenstein. literally. my new breast is partially made from cadaver skin. how fitting for a halloween mastectomy. i got a sneak peek at hospital before they bandaged me up. looks awesome. maybe the skin came from a neurosurgeon, an olympic athlete or a famous super-model. maybe i will develop super powers. maybe i'll finally be able to dream in french.

this week also marked the arrival of our 70 inch long baby girl. well, she's not really a baby. she's 17 years old and a senior in high school. amber, my step-daughter, has come to live with us permanently due to some unfortunate circumstances beyond her control. the timing was a little weird. most women have 9 months to prepare for motherhood. i had a week. but that is just fine. everything happens for a reason. and i couldn't be more thrilled. i'm so happy she is here. this new house of ours really feels like home now.

in addition to amber, the homestead acquired another family member this weekend. leroy, the turkey. and now for a little background on leroy.... leroy had a rough beginning. he was raised in a cage entirely too small for his body. as he grew, his legs became maimed, his feet became swollen and his wings became broken. jason's parents rescued the poor creature at a local animal sale. he's a funny fellow. loves junk food, especially donuts. he's been pardoned for life. he will never be dinner. he'll get to spent the rest of his days eating bugs, wandering the fields, and eating the occasional hostess ding-dong.

november is gonna be alright....

amber's new room.

leroy's arrival.

mmm.. bread.

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kristi said...

leroy is one lucky guy!
great pic of the cat out front.
congrats on your stepdaughter moving on the farm.
can I be adopted???
I'll let you change my name to something like peas or beangirl or whatever crazy name you come up with!!
i won't be much trouble!!

love kristi