Monday, November 12, 2007

film on hold.

chelsea and leroy part ways for now

apparently i blew up my memory card with all my mad clips i been shooting, yo. actually it wasn't me or my mad clips. after some research, i found that the 2GB sandisk card i have is the one card that is supposed to be compatible according to canon, but it's not. it gives "memory card errors" for no reason. surprised it took this long to give me an error. most people get this error pretty early on. 1GB cards are supposed to work regardless. luckily i found a sale on amazon. so for now, my film studio is shut down temporarily. i suppose it's for the best. weather's rainy. leroy is hiding in the barn. and choppy & mr d are in low-barometer induced comas.

i suppose i'll do some research in my time off and watch "mooch goes to hollywood" again and again. one of these days amber will acquiesce and watch it with me.

there are more clips up from before the camera mal-function. check 'em out at:

larissa's youtube page


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Amber said...

if you make me watch mooch, i will make you watch something horrible. possibly high school musical. and i will sing along. loudly.