Sunday, August 06, 2006

organic fruit, five dogs, and barbeque.

chewy, mutt, mr daniels, and chopper mesmerized by dog treats.

i just discovered that st louis has an organic farmers market every saturday during the summer. yesterday my mom and i went and bought some delicious tomatoes and peaches. the produce was so pretty i just had to display it in this beautiful handmade bowl (courtesy of my sistah nancy). since the weather has been nice (a la, no storms), jason and i decided to barbecue today. our friends sam and kate, and bryan came by and brought their dogs (mutt & chewy, and raven). at one point we had 5 dogs running around our house. it was pandemonium. i really wanted to snap a photo of the madness. it was next to impossible due to mutt's extreme camera phobia. he believes they steal your soul. but alas i possessed the magic holly hobbie cookie (dog-treat) jar which put them in a spell long enough for me to sneak a pic of four of them. sorry, mutt. your soul is now mine. mr d and choppy played hard. they have currently retired to their beds for the evening.

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Nancy said...

bella and renzo would be so, so jealous of the pooch in the bed. They fantasize about such a comfy bed. alas they are stuck on dog beds.

Thanks for showing off the bowl :-) See you in just a few days. Yeehaw!