Wednesday, February 08, 2006

the other side.

we did it. we moved! all of our belongings are currently under one roof... our own roof. and damn, do we have a lot of belongings! the day of the move there were boxes and furniture stacked to the ceiling on the first floor with one little aisle down the middle to walk down carefully. but slowly by slowly we are going thru boxes. unpacking and making sense of it all. the master bedroom and kitchen are pretty much up and running. along with one of the bathrooms (the one with the claw-foot tub).

the best part of it all is seeing choppy run around in his own backyard. he really loves it.

our dsl is still down. but hopefully by friday, i can post some pictures.

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Geeky Gal said...

Can't wait for pics!

Hope you are relaxing and reveling in your new home!