Wednesday, November 30, 2011

a most thankful thanksgiving.

the wednesday before thanksgiving, i am heading to the grocery store. i know, crazy. dreading the crowds, i stop off at post office first. to postpone the inevitable chaos. i see a little yellow slip in my post office box. a sign that a package is being held. already, my mood is elevating. it's my books! a shipment of my latest book "baby animals" which is filled with colorful photographs of what i love most on our farm... baby goats, baby geese, baby pigs, baby sheep, and baby chickens.

now i'm back in my car and still procrastinating. anything to delay grocery shopping on such a busy day. so i thumb through my mail. there are a couple envelopes from the department of social services. i open the first one. it looks like some sort of bill. i open the second one. another bill? i can't tell. i open the third one... i have been approved for medicaid under the "aged, blind and disabled" program!!!!!! can this be true??? i read some more. yes, my records have been reviewed my a medical board and i have BEEN APPROVED for medicaid with a very affordable spend down monthly premium!!!!! WOW! suddenly i can't stop smiling. i feel like buddy the elf.

i am no longer procrastinating anything. i am just giddy. at the store, i float down the aisles. greeting everyone with a huge grin. i want to yell out, "i can go to a doctor! i can have my PET scan! i can receive chemo, if necessary!"

the next day, we have our family over for rosemary's first thanksgiving. we enjoy our homegrown turkey and pork. rosemary enjoys her organic rice cereal (which she just began to feed on by turning the magical four months of age). and we all go around the table and say what we are thankful for: family, continued health, delicious fall harvest food, and health insurance...

oh, and of course, rosemary!


pie said...

i am so happy for you and i hope you get everything you need to keep you healthy..

Julia Gordon-Bramer said...

Oh, I am so glad! I have been sending good thoughts and prayers your way every day. Love and hugs!