Wednesday, October 06, 2010

numb digits and muddy piglets

my hands are still numb. so are my feet. doc said it could take 6 weeks to notice a difference from b12 injections. so, i'm hopeful. i know i had promised to make this blog a self exorcism of sorts whilst i cannot write with pen and paper. i'm sure you've been waiting with baited breath to peek into the depths of my madness/genius. sorry to disappoint. but it's not going to happen. apparently typing is more awkward for me than my crippled-ass hand holding a pen like a child holds a crayon. so i'm back to dusting off my brain into the contents of my trusty old pocket journal. albeit, i probably won't be able to read it a week from now. children have terrible penmanship.

good news is... we can now return to anthropomorphic photos of my farm animals! this week: piglets.

piglets love baths as much as they love mud

long sally and white paw cheesing it up

white paw is the lyrical gangster

long sally's flirty look

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