Tuesday, September 07, 2010

milky milk.

this weekend, a 1000 pound animal was delivered to my doorstep. may the milk cow. and i feel transformed. i'm on a whole new level of farming. i feel old timey. and yet simultaneously progressive. but mostly, i'm just completely in awe. this giant animal gives forth milk. something of which i am not capable (see breast cancer). she has taken to our farm immediately. making it her own. and settling into a routine. so effortlessly.

first day's milking (i'm up to two gallons a day now!)

and i am not the only family member that has fallen head over heels for may. the dogs, pigs, chickens are in heaven. and the cat who rarely shows emotion. well, he is... reluctantly content.

pigs love milk!
a milk-nosed chop

jerry says, " i don't mind if i do"

and later has milk obsession embarrassment

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The Beautiful Kind said...

She is beautiful! Very excited for your latest addition to the farm family!