Thursday, August 19, 2010

everything's ducky.

we had three days of nice weather! what a pleasant surprise. i finally got a chance to weed the garden. wow! i pulled enough grass to feed our horse, llama and all 10 pigs. it was great.

the baby ducks finally graduated from the brooder. they successfully moved to the barn and are loving it. although, still a bit shy to venture out into the fields, they do enjoy the barnyard.

along with ducks, the chickens have been relocated to the barn. it is safer over there. free from four-legged predators. they seem to like their new digs as well.

the geese were miffed at the winged competition for like a minute. then decided to keep their chin (bill) up and return to their silly and entertaining ways.

the heat returned today. hot, hot, hot. and still no rain. no substantial rain in 10 day forecast, either. it's crazy. i was walking the fields today and the ground was dust. but this farm was built in 1930's during the great depression and dust bowl. if it could survive then, it will survive now.


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larissa said...

wow. i'll tell komen that you have the cure. who knew?