Thursday, June 10, 2010


please adopt this stray pup! my stepdaughter found him starving to death along the highway after witnessing him almost being hit several times. she took him to nearest building to ask if it was their dog or if they knew who the pup belonged to. the response was horrifying! the person said it wasn't their dog and if they saw it again they would shoot it! my stepdaughter quickly placed dog in her truck and got out of there.

we have been calling him alejandro or "dro" for short. he's a smart and sweet puppy. who likes to play. he loves toys. and food! he looks like a cross between some kind of hound dog and a red heeler cattle dog. he still has puppy teeth and puppy nails. so, my guess is he has a long way to grow.

please adopt him! if you can't, tell all your friends about this beautiful boy! he needs a forever home fast!

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