Friday, January 15, 2010

a cold wind.

winter is a harsh mistress. she hums her culling lullaby and the weakest submit.

this winter we have experienced record breaking cold temps. and unfortunately. we have lost a few of our beloved goats. most recently, patrik.

patrik was dear to my heart. born on my birthday. he came from champion stock (a few generations back). but suffered what is often attached to pure bred status, a general lack of thriftiness. he was rather, "anemic royalty". if you remember, he has been plagued with health issues. sudden hair loss. intestinal problems. stunted growth. and most recently, loss of balance. as a new born, he most likely experienced a selenium and vitamin e deficiency causing him to develop white muscle disease (an often debilitating disease causing paralysis and heart disease). we knew he probably wouldn't make it through this winter. but i hoped beyond hope for a miracle. sadly, his life was cut short last friday. he suffered a heart attack and died.

i miss my boy. he was a simple lad. not the sharpest tack. but a sweet buck with a pleasant disposition. we are fortunate that he bore a son, tito. who, mixed with pygmy blood, has true hybrid vigor! tito thrives and is a fat little fellow.

patrik, we miss you.


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