Wednesday, December 02, 2009

dreaming of a white turkey...

"big white" is his name. not very creative, i know. but he IS our only white turkey AND he is ginormous.

not much to post. well, actually there probably is. but i've been in a funk. it happens around this time every year. the holidays. why do they always... 1.) sneak up on me 2.) make me feel inferior (to what or whom i do not know?) and 3.) cause me to freak the F out! it's quite pathetic, i know. it's all in me lil'ole nutty head. but i sure wish i'd learn to devise a preemptive detour. but alas, here i am. in the doldrums. fun, fun.

the forecast calls for snow. i've got my fingers crossed. would love to wake up to a field of white. and i'm not just talking turkey.

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