Monday, December 21, 2009

christmas came wooly early this year.

santa couldn't wait. he knew i had some last minute hand-spun yarn orders. so, he decided to drop off some presents early!!!!!!!!!!!!! i got a niddy noddy (a device you wind yarn onto after it is spun). niddy noddy.... first off, i love the name. it's fun to say. and secondly, it works so much better than the back of a chair (which is what i have been using to make skeins for the past year!). i also received a whole collection of drop spindles. different weights. different sizes. with a kick ass display stand! and, as an extra bonus, one killer spinners t-shirt. i'm so happy i could implode! and by the way (cover your ears kids), santa is my dear husband.

oh, you're a niddy noddy!

behold, my spindles of glory!

get it?

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