Saturday, November 07, 2009

two for tito.


tito turned two months old! his little horns are growing. and he's been weaned down to two bottles a day. leaves and grass are replacing milk. he's been outside for a month now and is fitting right in with the rest of the herd. although, he still prefers the company of humans.

comin' at ya!

dried leaves are like 'tater chips.

sitting in a chair on the porch.

on a sad note, we lost of one the orphaned twins, russell this week. we knew this might be a possiblity. orphaned goats have a harder time. their immune systems can take a hit making it difficult to fight off even the least aggressive diseases. still, we are heartbroken. his sister, ramona is doing well. and we are hoping she will thrive and grow into a lovely pygora doe.

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