Saturday, July 11, 2009

waiting on marla...

marla will be the first goat on the rook farm to kid (have babies). i've read up on kidding and all the eminent labor signs. and thursday i was positive that she was a mere hours away from giving birth. she was off alone, in a quiet corner of the barn. she was pawing at the ground. getting up and lying back down. she was making soft little sounds. nervous as a kitten, i checked on her every half an hour for the whole day. but nuthin happened. then another day went by. and here i am still waiting.

her official due date isn't until july 20 but you can add or substract 10 days from that. so, it can be any day for the next 19 days. hoping to be on this side of july 20. i've got my virtual cigars all ready and will keep you posted.

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The Beautiful Kind said...

OK it's July 20, time to birth! (Tapping foot, checking watch)